Development of business contracts or of corporate statutes for companies.
Attending General or Extraordinary meetings for partners and/or shareholders concerning limited responsibility quotas and/or share partnerships.
Clarification of uncertainties raised by partners and/or shareholders, either at regular meetings or other occasions.
Social Security
Guidance for the departments responsible for following procedures and norms.
Preparing defense or other legal instruments in the clients interest, as well as follow-up of all administrative processes, and afterwards, taking total responsibility for judicial orders, whether they be an embargo or the filing of a lawsuit for the nonexistence of an obligation, or whichever other measures may be deemed necessary.
Common Law
Advice regarding the interpretation of legal documents.
Follow up of each lawsuit concerning the client, from the early stages of the process until its final resolution either as defendant or plaintiff.
Seeking assistant specialists when technical inspections are required.
Preparation of petitions and oral arguments when issues go to trial in court.
Labor Relations
Counseling and interpretation concerning legal documents.
Follow-up of all pending administrative lawsuits related to the Labor Ministry and the Regional Labor Prosecutors Office.
Dealing with the entire process of labor complaints in favor of our clients, from the first stages to the conclusion of the lawsuit.
Preparation of petitions and oral arguments at trials at Regional Courts.
Negotiation with labor unions.
Elaboration of contracts in general, according to the individual interests of each client
Analysis of contract issues submitted by third-parties.
Providing professional advice concerning measures to be taken by clients.
Provide guidance to those sectors involved in the procedures and regulations to be implemented.
Represent the defense or other legal procedures necessary for our clients, as well as follow each administrative process, no matter if local, state or federal, and assume all responsibility for any following judicial actions, whether Embargoes for Decisions or a filing a suit for release from any obligation, among other measures which may be necessary.
Administrative work toward obtaining an extraordinary judicial order.
Bureaucratic and legal procedures for tax refunds.
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